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Welcome Back to the 2019-2020 school year! School begins on Wednesday, August 21, 2019. Class list will be posted on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at 1:00pm.  Mark Twain Elementary is proud of the incremental growth in English Language Art & Mathematics on the state test (SBAC 2019).
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Principal's Message for August-September 2019:
Dear Parents/Guardians:
Welcome Back to the 2019-2020 school year!
We are very proud to announce that we made incremental growth in English Language Arts and Mathematics on the California state test (SBAC 2019). Our growth signifies our journey on the path of continuous improvement. Teachers, students, parents, and I are excited to begin the new school year with such great momentum of success!
As we continue our mission of getting our students to become college and career ready, we are focusing on student data to make decisions in lesson design, strategies, and shared best practices .Teachers continue to hold collaborative discussions during grade level planning, guided planning and data reflections.  During my classroom observations, I will be monitoring and evaluating instruction to ensure that we are committed to providing the best education to all our students in a safe, caring, nurturing environment.
This school year, we will continue our focus on the Growth Mindset. A person or student with a growth mindset embrace challenges, give their best effort, learn from feedback, become inspired by other’s people’s successes, and believe their intelligence can change if they work hard. At Mark Twain, we focus on the process of effort. Students are reminded to never give up and always do their best. In relation to the District Common Assessment, our 1st-6th grade students create goals which creates a plan and vision for their success. Students are reminded that our brain acts like a muscle-the more we use it, the stronger and smarter our brain becomes.
We must prepare our students with the technological skills relevant to the 21st century. This school year, we are excited for the addition of 2 chromebook carts. We are proud to be the elementary school with the most chromebooks. In terms of instruction, teachers are integrating technology in their lessons and classroom activities. Students are using Edge, Newsela, Spelling City, and other programs to support our students instructional needs. Our teachers are receiving continuous professional development in using technology to augment and supplement their lesson delivery and reinforcement of key skills/concepts.
In terms of the California Common Core Standards, it is our goal to achieve incremental growth over the upcoming District Unit assessments. Beginning with the Unit 1 District Benchmark test, parents receive a progress report. Please keep in mind that this is one indicator of your child’s overall academic progress.
During Back to School Night, parents will be provided the opportunity to visit the classroom and meet your child’s teacher. Teachers will review academic/behavior expectations, goals, and procedures for the new school year. 
During parent conferences, please speak with your child’s teacher regarding your child’s performance.
Parent conference are a great opportunity to discuss and develops short/long term goals to improve and augment your child’s’ academic success. As a suggestion, come prepared with written questions and concerns to address the needs of your child. Research shows that parent involvement is vital to your child’s’ academic success.
As Principal, I am not only committed to striving for academic success but I firmly believe in having expanded enrichment opportunities to foster motivation, self-esteem and a passion for life-long learning. 
Please continue to motivate and support your children by making sure that they are present, punctual, and complete their assignments. 
Edward Espino, M.Ed., M.S

Our Mission

The mission of Lynwood Unified School District, the cultivator of innovative thinkers, is to ensure each student fearlessly achieves his or her highest academic and personal aspirations while contributing to the greater society through a unique system distinguished by: • people of great character who inspire and lead by example • the instilling of courage to be creative • the transformative uses of technology • safe and clean environments • the honoring of all voices of our community.

About Us

All students graduate college-ready to achieve their highest academic and personal aspirations.
All students possess noble character.
Each student fulfills his or her vision of personal and professional success.
Each student actualizes his or her true identity through leading a purposeful life.
All students exceed grade level achievement and college content-readiness assessments.

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Welcome Back! Featured Photo

Welcome Back!

First day of school is on Wednesday, August 21, 2019. School hours: 8:45am-3:00pm Class list will be posted on Tuesday, August 20, 2019.
5th annual TK-Kindergarten: Meet, Greet, and Assess Week, August 22-August 30, 2019, Dismissal @ 1:00pm for TK-K only. Featured Photo

5th annual TK-Kindergarten: Meet, Greet, and Assess Week, August 22-August 30, 2019, Dismissal @ 1:00pm for TK-K only.

On Wednesday, August 21, 2019, each TK and Kindergarten teacher will have a sign-up sheet for parents to select a 15 minute appointment time. Appointments will be established on a first-come, first-serve basis. During this time, you and your child will meet the teacher and your child will be given a Kindergarten assessment. By determining your child’s academic level, Kindergarten teachers will utilize the data to guide their instructional practice in order to meet the needs of your child. Meet, Greet, and Assess Appointment Times: 1:10-1:25pm, 1:30-1:45pm, 1:50-2:05pm, 2:10-2:25pm, 2:50-3:05pm