Mark Twain Elementary

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Principal's Message

Principal's Message for August-September 2017:
Dear Parents/Guardians:
I would like to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year. As we begin an exciting school year, I look forward to working with all parents, students, and staff members in our path of continuous improvement. We have a dedicated and committed staff, who look forward to building and fostering relationships with students and parents. We strive to provide a quality educational experience where students feel safe, excited, engaged, and academically challenged to reach their fullest potential. 
In our continued focus on college and career readiness, Mark Twain Elementary is committed to promoting a college/university culture in which students are exposed to college/university life, and career opportunities that await them in the near future.
Therefore, our students future begins today! At Mark Twain Elementary School, we are working as a team to prepare our students with the foundational skills relative to the Four C's of the common core. The 21st-century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, often referred to as the “four Cs,” are an integral part of the Common Core standards. We want our students to think critically, be creative, collaborate, and communicate which are essential skills to prepare our students to achieve success on a personal and academic level.
This year, every Wednesday will be College/University t-shirt day.  We are encouraging our  student's to wear a college/university t-shirt (with logo and/or mascot). It is not mandatory but is encouraged. If students wear a university t-shirt, they may wear jeans with the shirt instead of uniform pants.
During October, we will have our Dress for Success day. It is never to early to start thinking of the future. What do you want to be when you grow up? Students will be encouraged to come dress in their future career choice.
In November, we will have our Mascot day parade in which students will dress up to show spirit of their represented college affiliation. Go Ucla Bruins!
Every Friday, will be college/university color day. Our students (by grade level) , will come dressed in the color(s) of the college/university selected. Students can be creative!
In terms of academic instruction, congruent to informational and literary text, we will continue to focus on reading, reading comprehension, academic vocabulary and writing . In mathematics, our focus on fluency and problem-solving will continue to drive our instructional focus.
Parents, continue to motivate and support your children by ensuring that they are not absent and/or tardy. If they miss school or if they are late, they lose instructional time. We need your support to help make sure all of all students are receiving a quality educational experience.

Thank you for your support.
Edward Espino, M.Ed., M.S